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Recreational scuba diving courses for beginners up to Instructors! 

Atlantis diving center – located in Nikiti, Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece. Member of PADI – The World’s biggest diving organization with more than 3800 Centers and Resorts in 180 Countries and Territories.

  • All training programs are conducted exactly according to the standards of PADI and practically do not differ from those anywhere in the world. This is one of the basic philosophies of training our organization.
  • Atlantis Diving Center is located on the Northern part of the Sithonia peninsula (south-central part of the Halkidiki peninsula). If you drive from north to south you can’t miss us – we are located at the entrance of Nikiti village, on the right side of the road – 50m. after the sign of “NIKITI”.
  • We offer the most complete diving service in the region. We have activities for children and beginners, recreational and technical diving courses, snorkeling, boat diving (Kelyfos Island), gear maintenance, consulting, and a high-quality gear shop.
  • The diving season starts on the 1st of May and ends 27 October. The shop is open every day (no day off) from 9:00 to 19:30.


Technical diving courses from beginners up to Instructors! 

  • Definitely the best technical diving facility all around the Northern Greece area.
  • New and the most modern advanced Tec diving equipment for sale or rent.
  • All gas blending: 02, Nitrox, Trimix, Normox, Triox, Heliox, service including booster pump.
  • “One-minute” filling station for those who dive with their own cylinders.
  • A  shore dive spots with a variety of depths up to 100m.
  • High-certified and experienced PADI instructors’ team.
  • Professional staff with a friendly attitude.
  • One guest apartment with 2 separate bedrooms for max 6 persons.
  • Once-a-week daily boat diving trip all-inclusive style with 19m wooden classic boat “Sotiris”, freshly made on board BBQ&salads, coffee, beer, beverages, and music.
  • Daily diving safari to Kasandra peninsula – on request.
  • Free coffee and water.
  • Free Wi-Fi connection at our shop.
  • Pick-up from and to Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia” upon request.
  • Save money – Check our Prices & Packages.
  • Save time – Be advised and guided by our Atlantis team of professionals.

Tec Gas Blending

Our new and modern tec diving facilities in Nikiti, Sithonia, Greece, are equipped with two compressors with 530 l/min. + 200l filling station on 360 bar.  Also made in Germany booster partial pressure filling station for Helium and Oxigen up to 100% with a speed of filling 280 l/min. equipped with external booster’s compressor driven.

So, we can blend for our tec training and tec diving activities needs, all type of breathing gases such as EAN 22 to EAN 99, pure O2, Trimix, Normoxic, and Heliox at very competitive prices. In the Diving Center, trimix and oxygen analyzers are available as well. All blending systems, cylinders, and regulators are Oxygen clean and prepared for breathing up to 100% of O2.

Since this, the tec diving in Chalkidiki is open and all certified tec divers are welcome!

We provide our customers with one of the most advanced and quality tec training in Greece!


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