General Rules – Atlantis Diving Center


!!! Please read carefully the text

In order to be entitled to purchase the service of an organized dive from Atlantis Diving Center E.E, each individual client shall have at least Scuba diver Certification in accordance with ΕΝ14153-2. For Rental of diving equipment a diver is required to have at least PADI Open Water Diver Certification. The certificate and the dive log book each diver will be checked before the diving or rental.

Diving is not permitted in areas that: are specified as areas containing underwater, antiquities, are specified as fragile sea environments, are shipping lines or anchoring areas,  are used by the armed services, are used by rented recreational motorboats and in a distance of less than a hundred (100) meters from their starting point, where restrictions are applied by laws covering sea protected areas or by their operating regulations, where there are underwater lines or other systems of public utility organization,  where it is prohibited by the port police.

Fishing is prohibited as well as the sea fauna and flora.

It is prohibited the salvage, the move of items of archeological value or other value that are on the sea bed.

Unaccompanied dive is not permitted.

If the dives are from boat: The diving boat must carry a flag of letter A, as specified by the International Code of Signs of 1969 or the International Recognized Diving Flag (Red with a Diagonal White Strip).), also Divers that dive more that fifty (50) meters away form  the diving boat or dive from the shore they must have an orange buoy with a specific sign or with the international recognized fag.

Before diving into pre-dive briefing: divers informed about the diving site and the relevant hazards, buddy/group assignments, time and depth limitations (depends on the certification level of the participated diver).  As time limitations, divers must follow the dive computer or the dive tables by recognized training organizations.

Before diving should be taken into account of: water movement (e.g. current, wave action), depth, underwater visibility, pollution,  entry/exit methods, restricted zones, suitability of the site for planned activities, emergency action plan

Organized dives which require specific qualifications, e.g. night diving, wreck diving etc. may only be carried out if each individual client has appropriate qualifications (specialty certification) or equivalent logged experience. According to Greek law 3409/2005, night diving can be operated only the accompaniment of Diving School.

If you have big interval from the last dive (6 months or more in accordance with the PADI standards) you must be attend an program to refresh your diving skills.

The Emergency procedures applied and your behavior specified in the back of this sheet.

IMPORTANT NUMBERS: Medical Emergency 112,  Decompresion Chamber Thessaloniki: +30 2310 493407, +30 2310 493408, +30 2310 493400, Port Police N. Moudania +30 23730 21172, N. Marmara +30 23750 71933, Ormos Panagias +30 23750 31000