Night Diving

night-diving-actvNight diving is a unquestionably one of the most exciting and beautiful scuba diving.
Atlantis Diving Center in Sithonia, organized this diving on request for our customers

Dive Sites and Conditions

We will organize your night dive on well-known reef around big rock in to the sea, to make your diving safe as possible. Under the water you can see many colorful plants and almost all nocturnal night animals of the Mediterranean, such as: Octopus, Lobster, Morey, and many others.- “Diving Facts & Info”.

You can see also a sleaping fishes and can touch them with the hand !

The high underwater temperature 19-27⁰C, clear water 18-25m visibility, missings of strong or midle currents, calm sea , make this diving safe and unforgetable adventure.


Night diving is prohibited in Greece for the freelance and it is possible to practice legally only through authorized Diving Center, which is the Atlantis diving center in Nikiti.

Pre-order at least 2 days is required.

To make a Night Dive with us you must have a certificate – at minimum Night Diver / Advanced Diver and as min.- 1 diving light with 4 new battery AA & light stick. If dont have , we sell to you in the diving shop.

Two of the diving spots required at a minimum of 40 logged dives as Advansed Diver and recorded at least 10 deep night dives .

If you don’t have a certificate of Night Diver, you can take a Night Dive Course


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