Red Sea Safari 29.02 – 08.03.20

Posted By: admin2 on Mar 18, 2020 in Blog, Media

Even before the virus! 

15 minute film: the report about our “2in1” Red Sea Safari ( North Wrecks @ South Reef in one diving trip).

The first 7 days of March, on the” Al Farouk” yacht in the Red Sea.

We also dived into the wrecks of the North, including the legendary Tistelgorm, and admired the beauties of the South reefs.

A rich diving route, an excellent team of divers from 3 countries, delicious food from the chef and good sunny weather!

Pleasure and relaxation:)))

And in the end we made second safari in the desert at quadrics!

Do not envy – join us in November in the Red Sea Far South!

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