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Expand your knowledge, expand your business, discover whole new world, gain new diving techniques, share your experience with your students – become a PADI Technical Instructors with us: Atlantis Diving Center, Nikiti, Sithonia, Greece and PADI Instructor Trainer Michael. Learning technical diving in Greece, can be nice adventure for you – combining vacation with training and get a lot of fun!

Why I need this?

Technical Diving Instructor is a higher level among Instructors community. This will add additional value in your image and business and greater opportunity for your career as well. You will feel the result right away. Such as a PADI TecRec Instructor you will insert more confidence and trust in your diving business. Conducting PADI TecRec programs will expand your business by bringing in a new type of divers and students. Also will extend the diving season and start earning benefits during the low season. Because of the technical diving prerequisites, you will start selling more recreational Specialty courses like: Nitrox, Deep Diver, Drysuit, PPB. Enjoy theaching of more expirianced and motivated students, offer a different diving trips.

What I will learn?

PADI TecRec Instructor courses trains candidates to conduct the technical diver courses. The content includes philosophy, organization, practical considerations, promotion and other aspects that teaching requires. Also the practical part consist two parts : practical application and inwater skills, where you practice in mastery and prepares you to pass on your experience to your students.

Courses I can earn:

First step is the Tec deep Instructor certification. The Tec Instructor training course is a subcourse within the Tec Deep Instructor training course. Tec Instructor can teach only Tec 40 course. You conduct the Tec Instructor training course by completing segments of the larger Tec Deep Instructor training course. If already Tec Instructor, you can upgrade to Tec Deep Instructor with our upgrade course.

Course info

After successfully completing the Tec Deep Instructor course you have opportunity to be enrol in Tec Trimix Instructor course.

Course info

You may desight to do all courses on Sidemout configuration, so than Tec Sidemount Instructor course can be combined with Tec Deep or/end Tec Trimix Instructor courses.

Course info

If you want to become Tec Deep / Trimix / Sidemount Instructor but you are not a technical diver yet, or have done only some part of the technical programs – no worries – we can make it happen! Please contact us for your personal training program on best price/value in the diving industry.

If you are not Sidemount or Tec Sidemount diver but want to become an Instructor also we have as well same high valuable tecnical training program for you.

Primary benefits from training with a PADI Instructor Trainer

First: the candidates may take the course before they meet all the experience requirements necessary for certification, and complete the certification process after meeting those requirements.

Second: the Tec Instructor Candidates who are not a technical divers yet, can be enrol in the course.

Third: the candidates develop, practice and demonstrate mastery of their skills in teaching the Tec Diver course under direct supervision and role-model of the Instructor Trainer with great benefits from that.


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