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Fun Diving

Take your daily diving for fun with us – Atlantis Diving Center, Nikiti. We have beautiful and different Diving Spots for any Diving Level.


Deep Diving

Explore the wonders of the depth. Cross the limits of the recreational diving. Improve your scuba diving techniques with enhanced scuba gear in deeper waters.


Nitrox Diving

Stay down longer and get back in the water sooner. At your disposal you have a modern high speed filling station, which could fill your tank within a minute with – Nitrox, Air, Helium and Oxygen up to 100%.


Underwater Celebration

Our Team can organize variate of underwater parties and celebrations. Due to the specifics of these type of events you have to contact us in order to discuss all the details. We are eager to become your partner for your underwater event!

Night Diving

As the sun goes down and night creatures become active, the dive site becomes something different from what you have seen during the day. Take your scuba gear and dive light and come with us!


Guided dives with FULL EQUIPMENT * RENTAL PRICE IN EUR/per person
1 dive / 1 day 45
2 dives / 1 day 65
4 dives / 2 days 125
6 dives / 3 days 175
10 dives / 5 days 260
1 night dive 50
Daily boat diving trip /app. 5h/ include: 2 dives with tanks, weights and dive leader. 75

1 dive / 1 day 30
2 dives / 1 day 50
4 dives / 2 days 92
6 dives / 3 days 126
10 dives / 5 days 190
1 night dive 40
1 day boat diving trip include: 2 dives with tanks, weights and dive leader. 75

Technical Diving

We provide Rec and Tec Sidemount Courses and all Technical Diving Courses and Training using the DIR approach to the world standards of PADI. All that in our modern Technical Diving facility equipped with leading brands in diving industry.

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