Fun Diving

fun-divingYou want simply to enjoy diving during your vacation – this is your place – Atlatis Diving Center in Nikiti, Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece !

Dive in clear waters or simply drink a coffee or cold beer in the Diving Center or organize in evening a party with Night Dive, or BBQ for you and your friends.

Dive Sites and Conditions

We have beautiful Diving Sites, such as bottom with huge rocks, steep reefs for multilevel diving, vertical reefs with deep bottom, a maze of rocks, small caves. There you can see the different inhabitants of the underwater world as: sea grass, colorful sponges / local equivalent of coral reefs / colorful Nudibranch, giant Clams, many passages of Fish, Octopus, Grouper, Sea Bass, Scorpion fish, and many other inhabitants of the Mediterranean – Diving Facts & Info

Diving sites are safe and calm. Water is never colder than 15 ⁰ C on about 30 m and 20 ⁰ C on surface in May, and up to 20 ⁰ C on about 30 m and 32 ⁰ C on the surface in August / September. Visibility is normally around 20m. horizontaly and not fall below 15 m .- in bad weather and reaches 30 m during several days. There are not strong currents or big waves constantly, on certain days there are 3 thermocline.

You can make nice pictures or videos in the transparent waters of Halkidiki.

May make a free fall like underwater paraglider from a 20 m. vertical reef.

Or you just want to enjoy with daily program of the Atlatis Diving Center.


If you are certified diver with passion for diving, fun, meeting new fiends, or just want to enjoy with daily program of the Atlatis Diving Center – that is the right place for You!

You are not yet certified – no problem, be a diver and take a PADI Course with us!

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