Deep Diving

With Atlantis Diving Center in Nikiti,Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece, you can make a real deep dive or take a Deep Diver course. You can make a technical diving with “no limit” include a record dive. Also enrol in PADI TecRec Diver or TecRec Instructor course on best price, with PADI TecRec Instructor trainer Michael (-233 m. WR for couple ) Almost all of our diving spots are very beautiful and suitable for deep diving. We have a beach access for diving up to 90 m. All beaches where go diving are very nice, with beach bar or camping. That’s why are very suitable for non divers, as well kids.

Dive Sites and Conditions

During the dive you can see reefs with vertical height of 40+m. with many small caves and holes and planty of fish life. You’ll see various marine plants and animals such as: Sea Bass, Goruper, Moray, Lobster, Crawfish, Sea Snail, fish passage, and many others depending on the season.”Diving Facts & Info”

The temperature of the bottom / around 40 m / run of : 15-16⁰C in March/June, 16-18⁰C in July/ August and 18-20⁰C in September/October. Visibility is between 18m. and 25m. depending on weather conditions.


Pre-order at least 2 days is required.

To be minimum OWD certified and to be in good health!


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