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We offer all PADI TecRec courses for Divers and for Instructors.

To start with tec diving training you need to have minimum 5 days before your departure and to be: in good health, holding medical statement from your doctor, motivated, certified “Advanced diver” from PADI or another organization and have loget 30 or more dives. All the rest we will do it in the diving center. Discounted combined technical courses are available on best price value. Also see our Internship program for Instructors in Atlantis Diving Center, Nikiti, Chakidiki, Greece.

PADI TecRec courses

PADI TecRec courses basically are two tipes from the point of view of the bottom gas. First type: using for back gas – Air / Nitrox – Tec 40, Tec 45, Tec 50. Second type using Helium mixture in the back gas: Normoxic/Trimix – Tec 65, Tec 90 or Trimix Diver.

We conducting the Tec courses strictly, according PADI standards. During the hard in water training, theory and the land drills, we apply modern and demanding DIR approach and holistic technical diving philosophy. We like to train in a small groups of divers- from 1 to 4 persons maximum. During the course you need to cover all requirements of the PADI standards and show technical diving thinking, proper behavior and discipline.

Your money does not buying your certification – you pay for the training! Technical diving is not for everyone. PADI TecRec courses are for the small segment of divers looking for greater challenge and willing to accept the costs, risks, training and physical fitness requirements necessary. During the course you may findout that you are not suited to a particular TecRec course, or technical diving in general. No worryes, in that case you can simple enjoy a lifetime of novel diving adventures without ever leaving the recreational limits.

To be more than 18 years old. To be: healthy, in good physical and psychological condition, holding valid ( less than one year) medical permission for technical diving activity, valid insurance that cover tecnical diving. To sign up the PADI required documents and to have paid the course. Also you need to finish successfully with the multiple choice final exam, before the decompression dive!

Discover Technical Diving / DTD

Discover Tec Diving is a shot non-certification course designed to let divers experience technical diving in confine water or to learn few basic skills and procedures. DTD may precede the Tec 40 Course.

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Tec 40

This is the first and basic course – the foundation of technical diving. During the course you will learn the basic underwater techniques, technical diving equipment, decompression theory, how to use desktop software to plan the decompression dives, and how to use a single deco stage with Nitrox up to 50%. Decompresio dive with limited, no accelerated decompresion up to 40m.

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Tec 45

The expectation of this cource is that a Tec 45 diver intends to continue on in technical diving. Accordingly, the course not only develops the knowledge and skills to make open circuit technical dives as deep as 45 metres/145 feet, but also begins developing the knowledge and skills the diver will need beyond his current certifications.

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Tec 50

The Tec 50 cource introduces Tec 45 divers to the first stages of full technical deep decompression diving. The Tec 45 diver comes to the course with a strong knowledge and skill base. The Tec 50 course extends these, expanding existing skills and with an added emphasis on mission planning and execution.

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Tec 65

This course extends your knowledge, skils and depth range capabilities, by training in the use of trimix (helium, oxygen and nitrogen).Maybe this will be your final step or you will continue to the end of the course set – it’s up to you!

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Tec 90

The top of PADI TecRec courses for Open Circuit diving, at the same time this is the entry of the no limits diving! How further you will go….!

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