Nitrox Diving

If you want simply to enjoy diving during your vacation – this is your place – Atlantis Diving Center in Nikiti, Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece.

If you are a certified Enriched Air Diver, in our Diving Center in Nikiti you can dive with Nitrox – Enriched Air up to 40%. There you can fill your Scuba Cylinders with EANx 22 – 40 if they meet all standards and have relevant EAN Diver certificates.

If you are a technical diver we can prepare all the gas mix you order including Trimix, Triox, Heliox, Nitrox up to Oxygen at the best prices.

Dive Sites and Conditions

Almost all of our Diving Sites are suitable for Nitrox Diving. You can make all diving activities with EANx according to PADI standards for Nitrox use.

Enriched Air Diving will cost you: the price of the Diving Prices, + 5 Euro per dive only.

Refilling your scuba tank with Nitrox will cost you: 15 Euro per tank*.


You must have a certificate of Enriched Air Diver. If you want to dive with your own Scuba Equipment must be ready for Nitrox use. Don’t have a certificate – you can take a Nitrox Enriched Air Diver Course


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