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Dives sites and Conditions

We conduct boat diving trips to several diving spots: Erika cave, Kelyfos Island, Porto Kufo and others. Our boat trips start at 11:00 from Porto Kufo in the front of the tavern “Tzitzikas”, and return between 16:00 – 18:00 depending of the diving spot. We require a minimum of 3pax. For Kelyfos island min. 4pax.


  • Divers: 75 EUR/person /including two tanks with 200bar air and weights. Equipment rent: + 10 EUR/set.
  • Snorkeling: 45 EUR/person /including basic snorkeling set and wet suit.
  • Non divers: 30 EUR/person.
  • Water, coffee, snacks are included in the price.


  • Nitrox 27-32% – + 5 EUR/tank
  • Tank 15l – + 5 EUR/tank
  • Erika cave, Porto Kufo- + 15 EUR/person

*Sometimes, due to weather, sea conditions or not sufficient number of passengers we cannot always guarantee our trips. In these conditions, we can cancel the trip or offer other dive sites.

The boat has a toilet and tent, so non divers and snorkelers are welcome!


  • Erika cave –  max depth of 70m. Suitable for certified divers from OWD to Tec Trimix.
  • Kelyfos Island – max depth of 128m. Suitable for certified divers from OWD to Tec Trimix.
  • Porto Kufo left wall – max depth of 95m. Suitable for certified divers from AOWD to Tec Trimix.
  • Porto Kufo right wall – max depth of 55m. Suitable for certified divers from OWD to Tec Trimix.
  • Big rock – max depth of 65m. Suitable for certified divers from OWD to Tec Trimix.
  • BDG – max depth of 32m. Suitable for certified divers from OWD and higher.

75.00 €

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