5 Reasons Why Learning to Dive Overseas is an Amazing Experience

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Diving is described by many as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which is why so many people decide to give it a go when they head abroad. Today, let’s analyse five reasons why learning to dive overseas is such an amazing experience.

  1. Learning valuable life skills

As 1cover point out in their list of reasons to dive on a gap year, there are a series of life lessons which you can pick up if you give roaming about beneath the waves a try. These have the power to help you change the way you see your life forever.

Some of the primary factors which could open your eyes to a new way of living include:

  • Staying calm under pressure – crucial if you want to ensure you remain safe

  • Trusting someone with your life – your wellbeing is in the hands of your instructor

  • Communicating efficiently – quick non-verbal communications must be mastered

Carry these assets forward with you and you’ll find your life richer for it.

  1. You’ll meet new people

You’ll be forced into immediate, and relatively intimate, contact with strangers when you go diving – and that’s a great thing, especially if you’re someone who struggles to break the ice when they meet someone new.

Sharing such a pulsating experience with a person will naturally draw you closer together. It’s not uncommon for people who’ve dived together to go for a drink after they’re done.

  1. It’s healthy

Just as with any activity which encourages movement, diving is very good for your health. When you think about it, that makes a lot of sense – as general swimming is one of the best anaerobic pastimes you can get involved with.

Deeper Blue highlight the incredible health benefits of scuba diving, with some of the primary advantages listed as:

  • Lowered blood pressure

  • Gaining strength

  • Boosted fitness levels

Try diving for yourself to experience some of these health benefits.

  1. Marine life

The majesty of the natural world is difficult to fathom at times. Divers often cite the allure of marine life as one of the main contributing factors for their decision to take to the waves. That said, there are strict rules you’ll need to follow in order to ensure you don’t disturb the natural balance.

Scubadiving.com lay out some of them, with the most important including:

  • Refraining from feeding them

  • Making sure you don’t accidentally kick them

  • Not touching them

  • Moving slowly through the water

So long as you’re able to stick to these rules, you’ll be able to enjoy the wildlife without any issues.

  1. It’s a challenge

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, learning to successfully scuba dive is a challenge. It’s easy to head off on holiday and relax on the beach for hours – but where’s the sense of ambition in that?

Really push your boundaries by tackling a pastime which most people would be too scared to try. You’ll quickly find it was worth your while.

Thinking about diving the next time you’re overseas? We thought so. Make sure to bear of all these factors in mind when you’re next out on holiday.

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  • Gioko Pat May 15, 2018 

    Being a diver myself, I support that bit about meeting new people. I have made friends with people I wouldn’t have cared to talk to, all because diving is a very social activity and a good ice breaker.


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