Bubblemaker – Kids Course

What you learn

Kids get a chance to :

  • Experience what Scuba Diving is like under the direct care and supervision of PADI Instructors
  • Take their first breath Underwater
  • Learn about and use Scuba Diving Equipment made for children – not adults

Dive center and prices

Price includes theory, practical exercises in pool or sea – shallow water at 2 m, complete Scuba Gear, diving with a personal instructor and up to 30min. /under international standards/, certificate “Bubblemaker”. Teaching materials are not required.

For course price and info please check our COURSE PRICES


Children at least 8 years old
No pre-training required

The learning materials you need

Just your willingness and undivided attention

The scuba gear you use

Children use all the basic scuba gear, which is made for their size and stature.

Course duration

The duration of your PADI Bubblemaker Course is 2-3 hours.

Your next adventure

Once you complete a Discover Scuba Diving program, you’ll want to check out:
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Source: PADI Bubblemaker 8 yrs+

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