Sidemount Course

Sidemount Course – a new revolution in diving and its growing popularity

What you learn

The course is strictly non-decompression and is designed for any diver interested in learning to dive with the Sidemount configuration. This course is not brand specific and any Sidemount unit can be used to teach this course. Maximum depth is 40 meters or within the limit of the student’s current certification, whichever is shallower

The course will vary with your interests and previous experiences but includes:

  • Knowledge Development study in a classroom to understand the basic principles and philosophy of Sidemount diving, Introduction-lecture covering the many benefits of Sidemount (why Sidemount?) and equipment configuration (Tips and Tricks), Sidemount Problems and solving
  • Practical Application – the general setup, preparation, and adjustment of a Sidemount rig, including two cylinders, harnesses, BCD, and accessories. You will learn what are the basic Sidemount Rig and its main components. What are common harnesses and BCD options for Sidemount rigs? What are common cylinders and cylinder configurations for Sidemount rigs? How do you configure your right and left side regulators for use when Sidemount diving? What options do you have for weight systems and weight placement when Sidemount diving? Where do you carry accessories in a Sidemount rig? How do you don and wear a Sidemount rig with one and with two cylinders?
  • Confined Water training Dive to learn basic scuba skills – In what ways can you enter the water and put it on your cylinders? Gas management. How do you adjust for proper trim in Sidemount? What are your options for refining your trim during a dive? Training frog kicks most commonly use in Sidemount. Why might you disconnect the bottom of one or both of your Sidemount cylinders, but leave it or them secured at the top? How do you exit the water in Sidemount?
  • 3 or 4(optional) Open Water Training Dives to review your skills and explore
  • The Sidemount Diver Course offers the basic and necessary theoretical and practical knowledge
  • To be able to independently and safely dive with your scuba diving buddy

Dive center and prices

Price includes theoretical lessons, practical application, training dives in shallow water – sea or pool, 3 open water dives, Sidemount Gear, and diving with a personal instructor.

The students are obliged to buy the minimum required education materials, if they exist in their mother language, or if they want them in another language. The cost of the training materials for each course is different. After successfully completing this course, students have to pay 40,00 EURO PADI certification fee.

For course price and info please check our price table.


  • Be PADI Open Water Diver
  • At least 15 years old

The Benefits

  • an alternative way to streamline in the water
  • easier equipment transportation when topside
  • reduced lower back strain
  • provides redundant gas supply
  • ability to monitor all equipment because it’s in front of you
  • increased gas supply for longer dives

The scuba gear you use

  • Dual cylinders
  • Two independent cylinders, each with a regulator with a single second stage, and SPG. At least one second stage must be on a longer hose for sharing gas approximately one meter/three feet in length, with 1.5-2 metres/5-7 feet recommended. At least one regulator (typically the left)must be equipped with a low-pressure inflator hose to supply the BCD.
  • Buoyancy compensator device (BCD/Wing) with power inflator appropriate for Sidemount configuration
  • Exposure suit adequate for the diving environment
  • Mask and fins
  • Dive computer and or bottom timer when using dive tables – option
  • Compass – option
  • Reel – option
  • SMB, Safety Marker Bouy – option
  • Cutting tool or Knife – option
  • Wrist slate – option

Course duration

2 days

Your next adventure

This course can be combined with a TecRec 40-45-50 course or a TecRec Trimix course where Sidemount configuration is used instead of Backmount. Any TecRec programs conducted in Sidemount are to be conducted according to the standardized PADI TecRec outline. You can continue your education and get your next certificate Nitrox Diver in our Dive Center in Nikiti.

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